Hilary of Chichester

Hilary of Chichester
Hilary of Chichester

Hilary (c. 1110–1169) was a medieval Bishop of Chichester in England. English by birth, he studied canon law and worked in Rome as a papal clerk. During his time there, he became acquainted with a number of ecclesiastics, including the future Pope Adrian IV, and the writer John of Salisbury. In England, he served as a clerk for Henry of Blois, who was the Bishop of Winchester and brother of King Stephen of England. After Hilary's unsuccessful nomination to become Archbishop of York, Pope Eugene III compensated him by promoting him to the bishopric of Chichester in 1147.

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Información General
Fecha de nacimiento
30 de noviembre, 1109
Fecha de nacimiento
01 de julio, 1169
Murió envejecido
Redes sociales , Enlaces
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