Lista de Personas Famosas llamadas Sergo

Sergo Mikoyan

Nombre Sergo
Nacidas el June 5, 1929
Murió el March 6, 2010 (aged 80)
Nacidas en Russia

Sergo Anastasi Mikoyan was one of the Soviet Union's leading historians who specialized on the foreign policies of the Soviet Union and the United States in Latin America. He was the son of Anastas Mikoyan, an Old Bolshevik and high level Soviet statesman and adviser to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

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Sergo Zakariadze

Nombre Sergo
Murió el July 12, 1971 (aged 1)
Nacidas en Azerbaijan

Sergo Zakariadze was a renowned Georgian actor.

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Sergo Beria

Nombre Sergo
Murió el October 11, 2000 (aged 30)
Nacidas en Georgia
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