Lista de Personas Famosas con el apellido Staveley

Amanda Staveley

Nombre Amanda
Apellido Staveley
Nacidas el April 11, 1973 (age 51)
Nacidas en United Kingdom, England

Amanda Louise Staveley is a British businesswoman notable chiefly for her connections with Middle Eastern investors.

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Frances Crofton Staveley

Nombre Frances
Apellido Staveley
Nacidas el December 11, 1837
Murió el August 1, 1889 (aged 51)
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Robert Staveley

Nombre Robert
Apellido Staveley
Nacidas el November 1, 1795 (age 228)
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William Staveley

Nombre William
Apellido Staveley
Nacidas el July 29, 1784
Murió el April 4, 1854 (aged 69)

Lieutenant-General William Staveley was a British Army officer who fought in the Peninsular War and later became Commander and Lieutenant Governor of Hong Kong.

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Sylvia Beatrice Staveley

Nombre Sylvia
Apellido Staveley
Nacidas el January 1, 1903
Murió el July 27, 1996 (aged 93)
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Louisa Maria Staveley

Nombre Louisa
Nacidas el June 15, 1824
Murió el January 1, 1908 (aged 83)
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Emily Pauline Staveley

Nombre Emily
Nacidas el July 28, 1827
Murió el March 19, 1906 (aged 78)
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